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Want a coach who is actually dedicated to you and your goals? Looking to take your training more seriously? looking for lasting results that still allow you to have a life? Online and Face to Face, Join us!

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Ashleigh, 35, Liverpool

When I met Tess I was already well into my weightloss journey. I had lost 2 stone over the years, even after having twins but I had gained a little from where I was happy with and felt I was becoming flat and unmotivated. My progress had come to a stand still and I wanted to work strength and my relationship with food.
Tess was running some classes at the gym I went to and honestly, training with her has changed my life! I still question myself sometimes, and I send her many pictures saying “is that a muscle or am I mad?” Often! However she is always there and re assuring.
Tess taught me how important strength is, “building shapes” she would say and how to get stronger, enjoy food and life more and how to still look how I want at the same time. Everyday I’m happier with who I see in the mirror. Since training with Tess I’ve lost 1 stone 1lb all whilst building muscle and getting the shapes I want.

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Tess Cesnik, your resident Misfit.

Tess grew up in Australia, with and englsh mother and Eastern European Father she never felt glued to her birth country.

After working in general fitness for a small number of years and competeing in a figure competition she moved to the UK with her dog in 2017. 

It was here that she saw the oportunity to really dive into her passions. Begining her exploration into the sport of powerlifting, her love for food and eating to enjoy life, bettering the human mind and furthering her knowledge and passion for rehabilitation and asthetic results through a hybrid form of strength training that is all her own.

At this point she has two british records and a world record for bench press, a world title, three awards for best lifter and has won competitions in two weight classes.

However, thats the job interview isn't it...

T: In my opinion, the hardest thing a person can do in life is be unapologetically themself when faced with the threat of normalcy and their own interpretation of others fears regarding their power.

I want to help people be themselves and be confident in that, in whatever format that is for them.

That is my calling.

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