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Please enquire if you are interested in this kind of coaching. Every one is different and yes, there is a basic delivery structure and fee. However I want you to gain as many tools from this as possible to implement into your day to day life and achieve the highest level of rewards for your work. I tailor this coaching to best suit each individual client


For This coaching you receive 3 initial programs, if you need a 4th for accessories or a 5th for over all fitness, you receive these for no extra. Within the UK I will be at your competitions and if online I will come to you to train for and AdHoc payment depending on the distance, only to cover a portion of travel expenses. I hated how coaches were more often than not imaginary beings who told you what to do from afar so you also receive coaching check ins via WhatsApp every week (or less if you need) to go through any concerns you have, maybe not even sport specific. I find all of life effects your progress and all progress effects your life. why not make them work together. Nutritional guidance is also available for this price.


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The issue I found with injury rehabilitation and pain management, coming from a tradition practitioner background was that you returned to a state of comfort. This gave minimal aid to then improving your strength and mobility or progressing your training further in most cases. Through years of work, research and her own injuries in various sports, Tess has cultivated a more complete approach to recovery and progression. as every client is different in some way and has different mobility issues, this coaching is always tailored to the client from the point of initial assessment and can still be done online as well as face to face.


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Move Well, Feel Good is 3 programs per week, online, at home or in a gym. MWFG is a 12 week training block, paid monthly once paid you have access to the first block of training, forever. MWFG is RWT's most widely applicable training. Although you will progress to doing the three main lifts in powerlifting, this is NOT powerlifting! The idea behind MWFG is to create a solid foundation of functional strength (that you may not have done if you're already a seasoned gym bro) and a good understanding of your own body. This means you should be able to transfer into whatever field of strength you desire from here and always find this programming to be useful as a add on to your chosen focus (if you wish to have one). it also means that if body composition changes are your goal you can look your best without hammering yourself on cardio and not eating a thing, look your best, feel your best.


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